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Our Butchery

Having complete control of the sourcing of the ingredients we use for our schools project was an imperative factor from the outset. We are probably the only contract caterers that pack their own fruit and veg as well butcher their own meat. Our butchers start very early in the morning preparing the meat for our schools, hospitals and home delivery customers. The meat is sourced from as local as possible and we try our very best to buy Red Tractor Certified products at all times.


We make our own burgers using quality cuts of meat that we prepare using our mincing/mixer machine. This allows us to have complete control of how much lean meat, fat, rusk and seasoning we use.

When we have Roast Beef on the school menus we use the finest cuts and roll the joints ourselves, exactly how you would see it in a high street butchers. Alternative roasting joints are available on our shop page.

The majority of poultry is sourced from East Anglia which we prepare ourselves to our customers requirements, including adding any seasonings such as BBQ,, Cajun or Peri Peri etc.

We used to make our own sausages by hand which was very labour intensive. Fortunately, they are now made for us by a local company using our recipes and specifications. Primarily our schools buy either pork or chicken sausages but please do explore our shop where you will find a wider variety on offer.

For our schools we can supply Halal products if necessary.

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