Why take a car to work when you can take a tractor?!

Today Gary went to visit Writtle Infant and Juniors, a school we have been working in a catering partnership with for a long time now.

Determined to reinforce our food and farming link Gary decided, much to his own delight (he was a farmer in a former life before after all!) that he wasn't going to take his car to the school he was going to turn up in our newest and biggest tractor - a 370bhp Massey Ferguson.

Imagine the surprise and delight of the children turning up to school this morning to see a big red tractor right in front of them.

Gary spent some time with the children this morning showing them the tractor and answering any questions they had.

Thank you Writtle for allowing us to park a tractor in your playground!

In case you're curious - this particular tractor cost around £150,000 and a new set of tyres for a beastie like this?  £10,000!

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