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New Website

September 11, 2015

We thought that we weren't busy enough at the moment!!!

So, now that harvest is all finished and the schools are back from their summer break, we agreed that the website needed a little updating. We have extensively researched a new platform to host the website to make it easier to navigate whilst shopping.

While there are many different concepts available, it's difficult to chose the one that you think will suit you best. We hope that we have made the right decision and we would love to hear your feedback. 

Websites are always evolving and they do need constant updating but we hope that the basic structure is not too different from our previous site, albeit easier to find your way around.

We have had some tremendous feedback with regard to the quality of produce available, especially the meat selection and we feel the new site will enable our customers an easier shopping experience.

If you already buy from us then please spread the word, if not then please take a look to see what is on offer!

Thank you from the Ashlyns Team