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The Spring/Summer Menus 2017

March 28, 2017

The Spring/Summer Menus 2017

As farmers Spring is a very busy time of year for us looking after our Winter crops that were planted last Autumn whilst taking advantage of the dry, sunny days to plant our Spring crops. The crops we are growing this year are wheat, barley, beans and linseed and will hopefully be ready for harvest from July onwards.

 Whilst we have been busy on the farm we have also been designing the new Spring/Summer menu. We’ve consulted with lots of people including the Head Teacher, school staff, catering team and the School Council – we hope you like it!

 The menus have been designed to meet the School Food Plan standards, which ensures that we provide a balanced, nutritious meal for the children.

 As with any new menu we are always trying to encourage the children to try something different and we are going to run the menu for the first three weeks so that the School Council can gauge the popularity of the menu, and if necessary we can replace any unpopular dishes.

 An integral part of the Ashlyns ethos is to provide the catering team with the best quality, locally sourced ingredients.

 We have our own butchery on the farm and the majority of our meat is Farm Assured (which promotes high animal welfare standards) and is sourced from East Anglia.

 All our eggs are free range and the milk, yoghurts and mushrooms are organic.  When in season, our fresh produce is also sourced from East Anglia and the surrounding counties.

 All the meals are prepared in the school kitchen – by our well-trained and knowledgeable catering team - using fresh raw ingredients. Even our pizzas are handmade using fresh ingredients.

 Something New For This Year …..

 We have invested in a new menu package to be able to provide more accurate information about the dishes and recipes on the menu. You will see that each weekly menu has a unique QR code (a bit like a jigsaw puzzle) that can be scanned using a smart phone App or by visiting the website address named on the menu. This will give you very accurate nutritional and allergen information. If your child(ren) have any food allergies or intolerances and you’d like to discuss them, please get in touch with the Catering Manager who will be happy to help.