Grapes - 500g


Red or White Seedless grapes – approximate weight 500g

Grapes store for a couple of weeks lightly wrapped in the fridge.

Some grapes don’t peel easily, in which case cover a small quantity of grapes with boiling water, wait for a couple of minutes, then drain and peel. To seed, halve and pick the seeds out with a teaspoon or the point of a knife. In theory, the seeds can be removed with the loop of a hair pin. Add raw grapes to sweet and savoury salads, as well as tart and pavlova toppings, or serve on their own with a fine cheese.

Grapes are delicious cooked, for example, in Sole Véronique, or in a breadcrumb stuffing for chicken. Extract grape juice for a jelly or sorbet by lightly cooking the grapes until their skin pops and they start to release lots of juice. Strain and season with lime juice.

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