Gary Stokes

Project Director

Gary's background is in farming.  His desire to provide local food for local people has been the driver behind the various Ashlyns' initiatives.  Gary manages the overall business and occasionally finds time to help on the farm.

Cliff Rydings

Operations Manager

Cliff joined Ashlyns in 2008 and brings years of experience in managing school catering.  


A qualified chef with a passion for good food and a wicked sense of humour make Cliff an integral part of the team.

Teresa Danskin

Operations Manager

Teresa joined us in 2016 as a Catering Manager at one of our schools.

When her current position became available it was a very easy decision to promote her because of her skills, knowledge and dedication to the Ashlyns ethos

Andy Nicol

Golf Pro

Andy joined Ashlyns in 2011 as an Ops Manager but retired in 2020.  

He can usually be found playing his beloved game of golf but we still call on him for support 

Jen Heymer

HR Manager

Jen joined us in 2021.

  Jen is our guru for all employee matters but is also an integral part of the bigger business due to her Project Management Skills and passion and belief in what we do

Ali Stokes


Ali is Gary's wife (and some say boss!)

She manages all aspects of finance and is also the brains (so she says) behind a lot of the business development ideas.

Debbie McKay

Orders and Admin

Debbie joined Ashlyns in 2006 although she has worked with Gary on other projects and is the longest serving employee. Debbie manages all of the order processing and liaises with our customers on a daily basis.

Sue Wilson

Accounts and Admin


Sue joined Ashlyns in 2006.


Sue assists Ali with all accounting matters as well supporting Debbie when things get manic. 

Linda Tomlinson

Events Manager

Linda joined us in 2015 initially to help Gary and Ali with business development.  

She now runs our Event Catering but is always willing to  help out wherever she can

Our Butchers

Gary, Keith and James


Our butchers have years of experience between then and start very early in the morning to prepare your meat order using fresh local produce of the finest quality


Andy, Steve and the 2 Russells

Russell & Andy select and pack your fresh produce to best way. Steve, Andy and the other Russell are our delivery drivers who battle through storm, tempest and traffic to get your produce to you

The Bigger Team

Couldn't Do It Without You

We are surrounded by so many like minded people that help support Ashlyns throughout its many different projects.

The Ashlyns Team is diverse and ranging in skills base but most importantly the ethos is the same