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Ashlyns is a family run farm with many different and exciting projects.  The farm lies in the rolling clay-lands of West Essex and over the years we have tried many different forms of agriculture. In the 1990’s we grew up to 800 acres of potatoes, we have grown vegetables and we even had chickens and cows.  Our land is very unforgiving but is very suitable to growing combinable crops such as wheat, barley and oats.  With this in mind we have simplified the farming strategy which has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on our other projects.

Our purpose built new pack house which is used as a food hub to supply our schools, hospitals and many catering customers is also home to our butchery.  Although we do not have any cattle on our farm any more, we do source all of our meat from local farmers who rear their animals to very exacting welfare standards.  We only use the finest quality cuts and we butcher everything ourselves. Our free range eggs come from Hertfordshire -we will not entertain eggs from caged birds.

Our produce, unless clearly stated, is local not organic.  Our meat, fruit and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible. A lot of the vegetables come from Suffolk and the salads, soft fruit and potatoes come from Essex. We do source fruit from further afield if you would like to buy them but they are obviously not sourced locally.

We have launched the Home Delivery Service to allow people to access high quality, locally sourced affordable products. We believe in family values and traditions and have always supported the movement to a more sustainable food chain via our projects.  In an ideal situation everyone would like to go to their local butcher, greengrocer and baker.  In reality this is not always possible, so why not let us be your local butcher and greengrocer and support our efforts in “Keeping it Local”?

We hope that you will understand that everything we do is freshly prepared and sourced locally which means we normally require 48 hours notice to fulfil your order.  At present we have set delivery days within Essex, please see our delivery areas for more information. We have no minimum order if you collect from the farm at High laver but if you spend more than £30 we will deliver for free! 

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any of the produce we supply we will of course either offer a refund or replacement.


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