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Deja Vu and a Happy New Year?

Firstly, our thoughts are with everyone who has, or is experiencing, the terrible blight that this pandemic is inflicting on so many people.

I don't think anyone can accurately predict how long this latest Lockdown will last, so we are doubling our efforts to ensure that we have a good supply of products whilst looking to expand the range to reduce the need to leave home unnecessarily.

We are constantly looking for new lines and we will keep you updated as we know it can be difficult at times trying to navigate the website. As always, we welcome suggestions for new ideas that we may have overlooked.

Brexit, boarder issues and the Pandemic influences on the supply chain is a bit like looking into a crystal ball. We are lucky that we try to keep our supply chain as short as possible. We haven't experienced too many problems post the recent changes but please bear with us with the products that have short shelf life. In particular, the variety of bread seems to be sporadic and we are trying to substitute wherever possible to ensure we are fulfilling the orders as best we can.

As always, the supermarkets have the monopoly on all food items. The rest of us have to work together to predict demand which is difficult with a lockdown and the restrictions on dining out or catering within the workplace or schools.

We are still supplying a lot of our schools and nurseries so that we can cook for the children that are still attending. We are also putting together ingredients for "take home" packs for eligible children via the schools.

Elsewhere on the farm things are very quiet. This time of year generally means loading lorries with grain to go to the mills and ports as well as catching up on keeping the hedges nice and trimmed.

Please stay safe and well.


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