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Desperate for Some Rain

This comment is not something you would expect to hear just before a Bank Holiday weekend! After a wet start to the year we are now experiencing a long period of cold, dry and sometimes windy weather. This is putting the crops on the farm under a lot a stress. Their root system is quite shallow as it didn't have to go too far to find moisture when it was younger but now the top layer of soil is drying out they are struggling to find water and nutrients. I have to be careful what we wish for but some nice steady warm rain would be very welcome.

Watch this space for when I start to moan that we have had too much!!

Bank Holiday Deliveries

Bank Holiday's are wonderful when the weather is nice and you don't have to work but when you supply schools they are an inconvenience at best. The supply chain comes to a grinding halt but all of our schools will want a delivery first thing on Tuesday morning. Because of this we have had to make a decision to not deliver to our Home Delivery customers on Tuesday 4th May. We are extremely sorry if this poses an inconvenience to any of our customers but we are sure you will understand. If you need a delivery before the weekend then please order by Wednesday lunchtime and don't forget the 10% off discount. Just enter MAY10 in the "redeem a coupon" section at checkout.

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