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Free Range Bronze Turkey - Kg

Meat - CT00031
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As with previous years our superb turkeys for Christmas are coming from The Tasty Turkey Company at Eastwick Hall Farm in Harlow.
The turkeys arrive at the end of June as day old poults. They are then reared under heat for about 4 weeks until they are ready to be put into the outside barn at around 6-8 weeks of age. From about 9 weeks onwards, the turkeys are big enough to be released in to a grass paddock next to their shed. Here they are free to walk in and out of the barn as they please and bask all day in the sunshine (and the rain, which they seem to love!)
The birds are then eviscerated and packed in a special, easy to handle, turkey box complete with vacuum packed giblets, full cooking instructions and a pop Up Turkey Timer to ensure that your bird is cooked to perfection whether this is the first time you have cooked Christmas lunch or you are experienced!


As a rough guide, whatever the size of crown required, the size of turkey needs to be double e.g. a 3kg crown would require a 6kg turkey.

  • All prices and sizes above refer to the oven ready weights prior to crowning (if required)
As a guide, the quantity of turkey required per person is approximately 800g for whole birds and 400g per person for crowns

This will give you enough meat for Christmas Day and for some delicious turkey sandwiches afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE: Turkeys will be delivered on Thursday 21st December or Friday 22nd December.

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