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Supply of Fresh and "Dry" Produce.

We are stocking up on "dry goods", things like pasta, flour, beans etc. and have plenty coming in. We are asking all customers to please be respectful and keep your orders to 2 of each of the products we've flagged up, this is just to ensure that everyone can keep an ongoing supply at home.

We apologies for the lack of images on the Home Delivery for pasta etc. we are trying to make then available at as fast as we can and will catch up making it look pretty over the coming days!

Lamb - Lamb has become prohibitively expenses at the moment and so we have taken the decision to suspend lamb sales until the price comes back down.

Beef - We have plenty of beef available

Poultry - Again, unfortunately at present chicken is becoming increasingly difficult to source and some chicken will have to be from our frozen stock. We do still have turkey as an alternative.

Pork - Pork is also limited and we are doing our best to source as much as we can.

Fruit, Veg and Dairy - These are all plentiful in supply.

We will continue to update you all as regularly as possibl

Thank you.

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