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Here We Go Again ....

Sadly we now find ourselves in the second lockdown of what has been such an unbelievable year. At least this time we are better prepared for what lays ahead. We only work with Primary Schools and we anticipate that they will stay open this time around. We had to act quickly last time trying to arrange care packs for vulnerable families, feeding the children of Key Workers as well as experiencing an incredible demand for Home Deliveries.

I will be the first to admit that it took some adjusting to structure the business to meet demand. Lots of sleepless nights planning and evolving has enabled us to be in a strong position to meet demand throughout these next four weeks, the lead up to Christmas and beyond. We are surrounded by a brilliant team who have gone above and beyond to help us keep people fed.

When we get the opportunity we want to broaden the range of local products and artisan goodies. We are constantly looking for new ideas for what people might like to be available and we feel the best way to find out is to ask. So, if you have got any requests or good ideas then please let us know by emailing us at and Ali will do her best to respond to all of your messages.

On the farm we are still desperately trying to get the last of the beans and wheat in the ground. The end is in sight but we do still have fields under water which the ducks are loving. If we can get a dry week or ten days then we may be lucky and be able to shut the field gates with everything drilled and tucked up for winter.

Because it has been such a frantic year we have decided that the team need a little break between Christmas and the New Year. We are hoping that this will not inconvenience you too much and we know you understand the guys need to recharge the batteries. With this in mind our last delivery before Christmas will be Wednesday 23rd December and we will reconvene deliveries on Wednesday 6th January. You can place your order in advance at any time and just leave a comment detailing your preferred delivery day.

Please stay safe and we thank you for your continued support

Gary, Ali and all of the team at Ashlyns.

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