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Insulated Packaging for Meat Deliveries

With the country starting to open up a bit more, people returning to work and the beautiful weather we've been having we're very conscious that our customers may not be able to be at home to receive our deliveries.

Whilst our meat is prepared in a temperature controlled environment and our vans are all refrigerated, our packaging isn't and this is something we've been looking into over the last few weeks.

We have sourced insulated boxes and bags that provide maximum insulation shielding against heat transfer and reflect almost 100% of radiant heat. They can keep your meat chilled for up to 48 hours.

When you get to the check out page you can now opt to have your meat packed in the insulated boxes/bags but it will incur a small charge due to the cost of the packaging

. We are really hoping that this will help our customers that have a safe place to leave the box if they are out when our delivery driver arrives.

Don't forget that the next available date on the home page of the shop is the earliest we are able to deliver, if you would prefer a date later than this please pop us a note in the "instructions and comments" box on the checkout page.

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