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Introducing the Mighty Tomahawk Steak!

We have been busy adding new lines to the shop in readiness for the lovely weather we are experiencing. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can invite even more friends and family around for a BBQ and we have extended the range of meat products to give you even more choice.

The mighty Tomahawk Steak is a fantastic cut of beef but it also adds the wow factor and theatre for your guests. It's a bit pricey but it can feed lots of people. We have also added lots of new variations of sausages including Free range, Lincolnshire, Wild Boar and a host complimentary ingredients combined with the traditional Pork sausages. We will be adding more items like "Rack of Lamb" very shortly.

It is fantastic news that Jonathon and the team at Cammas Hall have their fresh soft fruits available and we will be looking to add clotted cream soon to compliment those lovely locally produced strawberries.

We truly welcome our customers input and if you have any other ideas for products

we can put online please do send us a message.

Hoping you enjoy the sunshine from all of the Ashlyns Team

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