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National Burger Day - 27th August 2020

Burgers are indeed the source of true happiness, a fact supported by the rich cheesy topping, crisp flavourful onion, and splash of tomato that brings it all together with a pickle tang finish.

Or maybe you’re a bolder sort, enjoying their burger topped with onion rings and barbecue sauce in a true Western-style and a splash of blue cheese. Whatever the case, it’s hard to argue that the burger isn’t the perfect food, and Burger Day is here to celebrate it in all its glory on Thursday 27th August 2020.

The History Of Burger Day ...

Burger Day was established by Mr. Hyde to celebrate their favorite food, and all the places they’ve sampled that make them. It’s a great system, free from any of the false advertising you may experience elsewhere. As they say, “If we say we like a burger place, it’s because we ate there and liked it.” Burger Day was created to vaunt the glories of this most perfect of meals, technically a sandwich, really a whole meal.

There is an on-running debate over who actually invented the burger. Some believe that it was invented in Hamburg, Germany, or to be more precise, the meat that would become the hamburger was. Ground beef used to be considered a waste product, the leftovers of the prime cuts that were then sold off on the cheap.

These days premium ground beef is the foundation of one of the world’s most popular foods. It got its start as a hamburger steak, a popular dish served with multiple variations, but one day it found its way onto a bun, met cheese and bacon, and has never looked back. Burger Day is your opportunity (excuse?) to indulge in as many of these delicious concoctions as you desire!

However, other people assert that the hamburger originated with Louis Lassen, a Danish immigrant who cooked up the first patty in 1900 in New Haven, using ideas he’d picked up in Europe.

The hamburger made its official debut at the 1904 St. Louis food festival, but it didn’t really take off properly until mass commercialization of the concept in the following decades. Hamburgers weren’t originally a delectable, trendy fast-food item. Instead, they grew out of economic necessity. Innovators in the food industry needed a way to use off-cuts of meat productively, instead of just throwing them to the dogs. They wanted a tasty meal that they could sell quickly to prevent spoilage. So the humble burger seemed like the obvious choice. 

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the need for cheap food reached even greater heights. Seeing hunger and poverty, entrepreneurs looked for ways to get tasty food into people’s bellies without the usual price tag. So they began developing machines that would churn out burgers en masse.

Soon the price of patties fell even further, but there was a problem: people didn’t have anywhere to go and eat them. Fortunately, the development of the hamburger coincided with the emergence of the “greasy spoon.” Innovative restaurateurs realized that they could draw in punters by providing public access to new radio services springing up all around the country. Burgers were an obvious, cheap, and delicious menu choice.

How To Celebrate Burger Day ...

Celebrating Burger Day is one of the easiest, most entertaining, and absolutely delicious celebrations we can imagine. You eat burgers. Yep, that simple. Enjoy a nice juicy burger as many times as your heart desires, in as many different configurations, it's the perfect opportunity to experiment!

Why not host a socially distanced burger cookout where everyone makes their favourite variety with their favourite toppings and introduces it to the group? Worst case scenario, you meet another burger you absolutely can’t live without, but that’s what Burger Day is all about.

Premium burgers are usually based on popular food themes from around the world. So, for instance, you could have a burger that makes liberal use of avocado, lime, and chilli or one that uses flavors like peanut and lemongrass. Spend the day experimenting to your heart’s content. 

Another thing you can do is celebrate the fact that the humble burger’s definition is now vastly expanded. While beef patties are classic, they’re no longer the only game in town. Today, you have a host of options, including chicken burgers, turkey burgers and veggie burgers.

The more intellectual among you might also want to come up with new recipes and share them in blog posts on social media. The world is crying out for fun, new burger recipes that people can enjoy after a busy day. And you’re precisely the type of person who can provide them. Share a burger to spread the love and celebrate this marvellous day!

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