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Feeding Our Future ....

We are so grateful to everyone who has made suggestions about extending our range of products and we are doing all we can to fulfil those requests - it's actually quite a refreshing change from the norm to try and source them! Apparently there's even a sweepstake going on in the building every time Gary and I trot off to the wholesalers as to what we are going to come back with!

On a more serious note, the ethos of our company has always been excellent quality and locally sourced (where possible) fresh produce, cooked on site in the schools. Having small children of our own at the time (they are now teenagers) we were shocked at the standard of schools meals so we made it our business to focus on feeding those children - feeding our future.

With this in mind, we are proud to say that the meat, fruit, veg & dairy products that we are delivering into your homes is the exact same product that we use in our schools. That topside of beef joint you're having for lunch on Sunday? Yup, exactly the same topside of beef that we feed our school children with and I say it again, we are proud that it's the same product. We believe our children deserve the best food that we can give them and that's what we do. For more information visit our catering page

We've already posted some of our historical recipes from the box scheme days but we are now making available some of the recipes that we use in our schools. They are healthy, popular with the children and simple to make - please do have a go, if your child attends one of the schools we cater with they may well be very familiar with it already!

We have had requests for sweet treats and whilst we all LOVE a bit of choccy our aim is to extend our range with healthy snack options (complete with recipes) that we can all feed our children and we hope they are of some benefit - adults unfortunately we don't have a licence to sell booze (yet) and it may well not make it out of the building if we do!!!

We will be delivering on Bank Holiday Friday 8th of May but we won't be delivering on Monday 11th May, due to the availability of good quality fresh produce over that weekend.

On the farm side of the business, we've had some really heavy downpours here of the last few days. Whilst personally it's adding to our misery of lockdown our crops desperately needed it. Speaking to Jim and Simon though its still wrong! You can never please a farmer - its either too wet or too dry!

Please continue to keep in touch, we love to hear from everyone.

Stay safe, stay well and most of all take care.

All the staff at Ashlyns

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